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October 14, 2007 Newsletter

Well, better late than never. Too many outages and not enough sleep, but now that it's December I can finally catch up. Good turnout for the last match of the year. We had 54 shooters and 15 reshoots for a total of 69 guns.

We had four new shooters this month: Bernie Bavis, Scott Sherwood, John McCreery and Scott Cowgill.

This month's Top Shooters are:

Division Name Class
High Overall & Limited Jeff Whitaker A
Kevin Dale M
Jim Eiermann C
Bruce Williams U
John Eiermann D
Limited-10 Bob Kataja B
Mark James C
Joe Edwards U
Open Vern Moore B
Production Pete Ardlen C
Caleb Smith U
Revolver Matthew Birch B
Wayne Westbrook U
Single Stack Greg Lane D
Richard Ellis C
John Pakeltis U

Senior Vern Moore
Super Senior Ed Henry
Junior Caleb Smith
Lady Jackie Greiner

October 14, 2007 Results

Bud Connolly