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April 8, 2007 Newsletter

Well, what can I say. The weather was even worse than last October! And here are the pictures to prove it. We had 8 shooters on Saturday. No one came out on Sunday. Thanks very much to Ed Henry for running the match and tearing it down alone on Sunday.

We had 2 new shooters this month: John Pakeltis and Bryan St. Clair. Come back when the weather isn't so brutal!

Did anyone go to the Greenport Tactical match on April 1st? Please let us know how it went.

Our next match will be on Sunday, April 29th at Crooked Creek in Hartsgrove. Setup will be on Saturday, April 28th. Please check the website before heading out to setup. I am scheduled to be at work on Saturday until 3:30 PM and Ed will be coming back from the Single Stack Nationals. So, unless a member of Crooked Creek can step up and run the setup, it may be 4:00 PM before I can get there. Or, if the weather looks wet, we may just setup on Sunday morning. You can shoot one gun after setup is complete. Signups for Sunday start at 8:00AM with final registration at 11:00 AM.

This month's Top Shooters are:

Division Name Class
High Overall & Single Stack John Pakeltis U
Limited Jim Eiermann C
Limited-10 Matthew Birch B

April 8, 2007 Results

Bud Connolly