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April 29, 2007 Newsletter

Well, we broke even for April. I hear that we had really great weather on Sunday. I guess the threat of rain on Saturday kept the turnout low. We had 49 shooters and 11 reshoots for a total of 60 guns. Not bad, since only 3 shot on Saturday. Thanks very much to Matt Birch for running the match and getting setup started on time. Thanks to the setup crew of Gary & Zac Catella, Jim Eiermann, John Pakeltis and Matt Birch. And thank you to the last squad on Sunday that helped with teardown. Ed told me that teardown went quickly.

We had 8 new shooters this month: Pete Ardlen, Ron Ardlen, Steve Crompton, Robert J. Allen, Steven Vasbinder, Nikki Custer, Chad Edgar & Ron Schray.

I have to pull out the soap box again this year:

  1. We had one shooter receive a DNF because the time for a stage was not recorded. Please verify that your scoresheet is complete before you leave the range. I would much rather give you a reshoot than a DNF! And our new timers save the last 10 runs, so we have a chance to recover your time, even if another shooter has run after you. And scorekeepers, make sure that you record the time first, before anything else. Then record the scores for the targets.
  2. Please help with pasting targets and resetting steel. The match will run more quickly if you help. The only ones not pasting should be the shooter that just finished and the on-deck shooter. Everyone else needs to do a little work so that the RO is not doing it all. The RO should be checking that the targets are patched/reset and that everyone has cleared the range so that he can start the next shooter. The RO's job is to run the stage safely, please help him do that.
  3. Also, I have to apologize for not turning the targets on Stage 2 to be parallel with the 180, or putting up No Shoots or barrels to eliminate a 180 TRAP. 'nuff said.

We received a fresh supply of USPSA applications. If you sign up for USPSA membership at the match, you can shoot the match for free (that's like getting your USPSA membership for $25).

Our next match will be on Sunday, May 13th (Mother's Day) at Crooked Creek in Hartsgrove. Mom's will shoot for free at this match. Setup will be on Saturday, May 12th starting at 1:30 PM. You can shoot one gun after setup is complete. 

Signups for Sunday start at 8:00AM. We are going to start running two squads on Sunday, 8:30 AM and 11:00 AM. Please arrive in time to get into a squad. The 11:00 AM squad will help with teardown. We need to do this since a few times last year, the same 4 or 5 people are tearing down the match and placing the equipment in the shed.

This month's Top Shooters are:

Division Name Class
High Overall & Limited-10 Matthew Birch B
Greg Platt U
Limited Paul Schray C
Ron Schray U
Open Joe Blazek A
Ben Yospur C
Production Jeff Whitaker B
Mark James U
Single Stack Ed Henry B
Ray Ku C
John Pakeltis U
Senior Michael Martin
Super Senior Ben Yospur
Junior Caleb Smith
Lady Susan Vicars

April 29, 2007 Results

Bud Connolly